LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Lives

  1. To be restored is like being reestablished.  In order to be reestablished, you must have first been established.  Do you need to be established?  Reestablished?  Or are you truly living?
  2. No one wants to die or tell himself or herself no…How do we live as if we were dying?  What are specific ways that you can live out this truth?  (See Gal.2:20 and LK 9:23)
  3. Following involves dying…Will you die?  Are you willing to put your desires to death?  Will you be a witness?  What keeps you from dying?
  4. Each one of us are following someone or something…Who are you actively following?  If we followed you around and saw where you put your time, thought, and resource, what would the data say about what’s important to you?
  5. What types of things are the most tempting to turn back to?  What catches your eye?  What draws you back?
  6. Talk is cheap…Peter ends up proving his restoration through his actions.  He preaches at Pentecost- 3000 are saved, he leads the church- many grow in Christ, he writes scripture- we continue to learn and grow…Are you proving your love of Jesus through your actions and obedience?  What do you need to stop?  What do you need to start?
  7. Do you need a sharp rebuke?  A gentle hand of encouragement?  A loving embrace?  What do you need from Jesus to accept and act on this challenge?
  8. Pray through Romans 12:1-2.  You are a living sacrifice.

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When Jesus Challenges You
John 21:18-24

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The Challenge From Jesus…

        You Will Die

        You Must Follow

        You Can’t Look Back

        You Will Be A Witness

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