LifeGroup Questions: Applying God’s Word to Your Life

1. When is your favorite time of the day to spend time in the Word?
2. What did you think when you first heard we were being called to fast for the month of January?
3. Since we are in a corporate fast, we want to encourage each other. How did your fasting go this week? Remember this is not a rule or command; it is an opportunity to grow in our ability to hear from God over the month.
4. What is the difference between trusting in what God does and trusting in who God is?
5. Read Psalm 143:5. What are the 3 ways the Psalmist strengthens himself in this verse? All three of these capture aspects of meditating.
6. Now read v. 5 in as many translations as you can find. Notice the different ways of translating these wonderful words. Which word(s) do you find most helpful? Why?
7. Close your group by praying for each other, that as we fast this week each person in the group might learn to feast on God’s Word.

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Spending Time with Jesus
“What to Eat While You’re Fasting”
Matthew 4:1-4

1. The best way to spend time with Jesus is to spend time in God’s Word.
The Spirit will lead us into opportunities to trust God.
Fasting is an opportunity to trust God.
2. The best way to defeat temptation is to know God’s Word.
Temptation reveals what is in our hearts.
Don’t trust in what God can do, trust in who God is.
3. The best way to fast is to feast on God’s Word.
Meditating on God’s Word feeds our soul.
Ponder God’s Word
Picture God’s Word
Pray God’s Word
Personalize God’s Word

Fasting helps us discover that God is always more than enough.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connecting with God through the Word and Prayer