LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. Have you ever been or had an apprentice or intern? Tell the group about it. How did it go? How much time did you spend together? How long did it last?

2. Here was the last question from last week’s LifeGroup Questions: “We all want to grow or we wouldn’t be in this LifeGroup. Let’s all agree to hold each other accountable and ask each other next week how we did on making progress in taking our next step. Agreed?” So here we are, its “next week.” How is everyone doing on identifying and taking their “next step”?

3. Read Acts 4:1-22, then repeat v. 13. Why was the courage of Peter and John so astonishing?

4. We said in the sermon that discipling is essentially about three things: Relationship, Learning and Ministry. Why are all three necessary? What happens if you leave one of the three out?

5. Jesus taught the disciples a way of life and a set of skills. In a previous sermon (February 19, 2019) we listed the Top 10 skills a disciple must learn (and then teach to those they are discipling) with the reminder that “you haven’t learned it until you’re doing it.”

  1. Learn to know and trust God
  2. Learn to handle the Word of God
  3. Learn to pray
  4. Learn to love people
  5. Learn to minister to others (pray for, help and serve them)
  6. Learn to share your faith
  7. Learn to live surrendered
  8. Learn to overcome temptation
  9. Learn to breathe (live in rhythm and cooperation with the Holy Spirit)
  10. Learn to disciple another person

How are doing with learning these skills? Are there any you don’t feel confident in? What will you do to get more training or confidence so you can obey Jesus’ command to “go make disciples”?

6. Go back to Acts 4:13. Read it in the NASB and the Message versions. Has spending time with Jesus made you more courageous and confident? Explain your answer. 

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/Loving God

Decade of Discipleship: Building a Discipleship Culture

“What Discipleship Looks Like”

Mark 3:14, Acts 4:13

We can disciple others by watching and doing the simple things Jesus did “with” those he was discipling.

1. Relationship

  • He chose them.
  • He befriended them.
  • He ate with them.
  • He spent time with them.

2. Learning

  • He taught them a way of life and a set of skills.
  • He focused on the Word.
  • He asked and invited questions.
  • He clarified and explained.

3. Ministry

  • He brought them with him while he did ministry.
  • He prayed with them and for them.
  • He sent them to do ministry.
  • He sent them to make disciples.

Jesus is “with” us today in His Word and by His Spirit.