LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. Tell the group about one of the greatest unexpected opportunities you’ve ever had.
2. Read Psalm 69:1-3. Describe a time when you felt like “the deep waters were engulfing you.”
3. Gen. 41:1 says Joseph was in prison on false charges for 2 long years. What do you think was his greatest barrier to trusting God during those 2 years?
4. If you were in similar unexpected circumstances, how long do you honestly think you could have kept trusting God?
5. Why is it so hard to recognize unexpected opportunities when we are going through great trials?
6. Which of the four ways of preparing for unexpected opportunities under point 2 do you find most challenging? Why?
7. Close your time together by praying for each other based on the answers given to question 6. Also ask God to ignite and develop such a strong desire for Him that we crave Him more than any opportunity or experience.

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“Unexpected Opportunity”
Genesis 41

God uses the unexpected to change our lives.
Living in Unexpected Circumstances
Unexpected Rejection
Unexpected Abundance
Unexpected Opportunity
The path from Unexpected Rejection to Unexpected Abundance requires
being ready for Unexpected Opportunities.
Preparing for Unexpected Opportunities
Cultivate a vibrate, intimate relationship with God.
Develop a servant’s heart by serving people.
Practice being faithful in small things.
Learn wisdom through perseverance and trusting God.

When we crave God instead of great opportunities, we will find both.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/ Loving God