Life Group questions:  Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. Have you ever moved in your life? Describe some of the emotions you experienced moving from one home to another…what did you enjoy? What was a struggle?
2. If you could move anywhere in the world, right now…free plane ticket…all living expenses paid for 5 years and you had to leave tomorrow, where would you go? Why?
3. Is there somewhere that would terrify you to move to? A foreign country perhaps? What scares you about it?
4. In the sermon we talked about how God knows each of us inside and out. How do you think God feels about you right now? Be honest.
5. In Genesis 46:2 God speaks to Jacob in a ‘vision’ at night. Have you ever heard from God in a similar way? Describe it to the group.
6. Why is it so hard to hear God’s voice? What are some intentional ways you can seek to move to a space to intentionally listen to Him more?
7. God wants us to listen to Him, not just learn about Him. What is something unexpected that He has been trying to say to you through this series? What are you going to do about it?
8. Spend some time praying for each other that you would surrender to God’s voice and fearlessly follow him.

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Unexpected MOVE- Let’s get moving!
Genesis 46 & 47

“So Israel…”
God knows Jacob. God knows you.
God moves ordinary people.
“Set out…”
The only way to find out is to set out.
God moves one way- ALL the way.
“God spoke”
Your position changes your perspective.
God moves us so we can hear His plan.
“he replied”
Listening trumps learning.
God moves when we surrender.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through Word and Prayer/Loving God