LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. What’s the craziest encounter you’ve ever had with a snake?
2. Do you see the world as cursed by sin? Why is it so popular to believe that people are inherently good?
3. What would a world be like if there were no consequences for sin? Do you live your life like there’s no consequences, or are you aware of the effects of your sin?
4. How does grumbling against God lead to other sins?
5. Have you ever noticed how your grumbling and unbelief can infect others? How?
6. Are there areas of downright rebellion that you need to root out of your life? Are there things you know are wrong, but consciously do anyway?
7. Do you struggle with the concept that the cross is enough? In what ways have you tried to work yourself toward favor with God?

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“Transformed by the Cross”
John 3:12-15

1. Our sin brings upon us the curse of death.
Pictures of sin: grumbling against God, unbelief, rebellion.
2. God in His grace provides the cure for the curse.
3. Jesus died on the cross to rescue us from the curse.
4. Our role is to look in faith to Christ’s death on the cross.
5. The cross isn’t just for our salvation, it’s for our transformation!
We are transformed from:
Grumbling to grateful
Unbelief to trusting
Rebellious to obedient
Lost sinners to growing disciples

How has the cross transformed your life?


Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/Loving God