LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life:

  1. What is the most unified team, church, group of people, etc. you have ever worked with? How successful was that team?
  2. What is the difference between unity and uniformity?
  3. Read v. 17 and then v. 21. What is more important in the church: holding to your own interpretation of God’s word, or being unified in what you believe?
  4. What are some practical things we each can do to help promote and keep the unity of the Spirit?
  5. This past Sunday we voted on the budget of the church. How does one’s financial support of a church reflect their part in the unity of the church?
  6. Are you involved in giving to and serving in a ministry at Open Door? If so, share how that has helped you grow. If not, talk to your LifeGroup leader about how you can get involved or you can visit and start the process.
  7. What changes need to be made in your life so that Jesus’ prayer for unity can be true of you?

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“The Purpose of Unity”
John 17:21

1. Jesus prays for unity

            not uniformity

            not conformity

2. Jesus prays for unity in diversity

            unity of spirit

            unity of love

            unity of purpose

3. Jesus prays for unity in diversity for the purpose of ministry.

            The church is a group of Jesus followers organized for the purpose of ministry.

            A unified church on mission is the church Jesus prayed for and the church our world desperately needs.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Relates with other-centered love/Loving People