LifeGroup Questions:  Applying the Teaching to our Life

  1. Don’t take it for granted that people know your story…take some time and share your moment- how you came to believe in Jesus as the risen savior.
  2. Who are those who have been most influential in your moment?  Take some time to share how they’ve impacted you. Reach out to encourage them this week (drop a note, email, text, phone call)
  3. If the resurrection was such a big deal 2000 years ago, why does it lack importance in today’s Christianity?  Does it even matter in our world today? Or in your world?
  4. Are there roadblocks in you affirming the resurrection of Jesus Christ?  How do those roadblocks affect you in times of trial or temptation?
  5. Who are the marginalized in your sphere of influence?  How can you show love, hope, and help giving purpose to those around you?
  6. Our personal stories matter, but we can also get so caught up in our stories, our past, that our vision is shortsighted to where God is taking us in the future.  How does your past hold you back and what do you need to do to affirm the new life Christ offers?
  7. Worship is a response to encountering the living God, spend some time praying and thanking God for your moment.

Feel free to download the resources for this sermon:
Audio (MP3)

No Greater Love
“The Moment”
John 20:1-10

The Making of a Moment

The Background

                The Death of Jesus

                Feeling of Loss

                Stone Rolled Away

The Characters (in order of appearance)




The Details

              Trusting the Message to Women

              The Race

              The Empty Tomb

The Anticipation

             Looking into the Tomb

             Pieces of Linen

            A Folded Face Cloth

The Moment

Core Christlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/Loving God