LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Lives

  1. How is the American culture overtly opposed to the idea of a kingdom? Go deeper than just politically, what makes people so opposed to someone telling them what to do?
  2. Does it feel like we are in a Kingdom?  Why or Why not?  What can we actively do to remind ourselves that we are living in the Kingdom as we wait for the King to return?
  3. How do we balance living in the Kingdom of God that is here and now, while still waiting for the Kingdom to come?  What are the pitfalls of over emphasizing one aspect to another?
  4. How do you even begin to find out where your allegiance really lies?  What would your closest friends say about your allegiance?
  5. How can you intentionally live with a hope in the Second Advent?
  6. Are you beginning to see the need for discipleship?  What is your next step?  How can you take a step toward Jesus this week?
  7. Why do some people think that they can trust Jesus, but not obey Him?  How important is obedience and holiness to you?  How can you strive after them?
  8. Pray as a group for Jesus’ kingship in your life. There is no King but Jesus!

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The Kingdom Gap
Luke 1:32-33, Matthew 4:17

What is a Kingdom? Is it a Realm, Rule, or Reign?

The Kingdom of God was Long Ago Prophesied

The Kingdom Gap is the Time Between the Prophecy of the Kingdom of God and it’s Consummation at the Second Advent.

Advent Means Coming

  • First Advent– Jesus Came in Humility, Weakness, and Poverty as a Servant
  • The Kingdom is Here, But…
  • Second Advent– Jesus Will Come in Glory, Power, and Majesty as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
  • The Kingdom Will Come!

What Does Kingdom Mean Now?

Jesus is Reigning Over His Kingdom Today!

We Begin to Close the Gap When We…

  • Trust Him as God our Savior Bowing Our Lives to Him as King
  • Love Him AND Obey Him
  • Actively Surrender and Give our Allegiance to Christ our Lord
  • Remain in Jesus and Grow in Him- Discipleship
  • Hope in the Second Advent
  • There is no KING but JESUS

Core Christlike Characteristic: Heart of Worship/Loving God/Living Surrendered