Life Group Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Lives

  1. What is your favorite part of Christmas?
  2. Read Matthew 1:19-21. How would you feel if you were Joseph or Mary? What would you say to family and friends?
  3. How have you experienced Jesus as “Immanuel/God with us” in your life over the past year?
  4. Are you living in the “Discipleship Gap”? In other words, you’re grateful that Jesus was born, but you’re not really following him as his disciple.
  5. How could you practice “living as a disciple” this Christmas? How will you in 2019?

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“The ‘God With Us’ Gap”

Matthew 1:20-23

Christmas Gap is the time between what was announced at Christmas and what was experienced in people’s lives.

The “God with us Gap” is the time between the announcement that Jesus would be ‘God with us’ and when people started experiencing Him as ‘God with us.’

1. Because Jesus was “God with us” at his birth:

        We can be saved from our sins

                Closing the “God with us to save us” Gap

                 It took time for people to realize Jesus was “God” with us.

        The only way for us to be with God was for Jesus to first be God with us.

                Closing the “us with God” Gap, the “Discipleship Gap”

2. Because Jesus was “God with us” with his disciples:

        He revealed what God was like

        He showed us how to love

        He gave us a purpose for living

3. Because Jesus is “God with us” always:

        You can follow Jesus as his disciple.

        You can bring all your questions to Jesus.

        You can bring all your hurts and brokenness to Jesus.

        You can bring all your struggles and doubts to Jesus.

        You can bring all your failures and sins to Jesus.

        You can bring all your fears and anxieties to Jesus.

        You can surrender all of your life to Jesus.

We discover the fullness of “God with us” as we live out an “us with God” life.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Spirit-led Servant/Living Surrendered