LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. How many times do you think God has forgiven you? What is one specific event or thing that stands out that He has forgiven you of?
  2. Of the five R’s of forgiveness, is there one that is harder for you? If so, which one?
  3. How has the fact that God has forgiven you (and will continue to do so) drawn you to love him more? How has his forgiveness shaped you as a follower?
  4. Would you describe yourself as a forgiving person? Would your family and friends use “forgiving” as a way to explain the way you live? Why or why not?
  5. In the sermon we learned that we are to respond with grace and mercy when we are wronged. Is this how the world (or you) views the church, a place of grace and mercy? What needs to change?
  6. Have the apologies that you may have failed to receive from a parent, spouse, friend etc. kept you from forgiving others? Why?
  7. The Holy Spirit is in this room right now. Take a minute, each person…what do you want to say to Him to thank Him for his forgiveness in your life? What is he saying to you to lead you to be more forgiving? Is there a person you need to forgive?

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Audio (MP3)

Life Hacks for Relationships

“The Forgiveness Factor”

Mt. 18:21-22

Forgiveness heals relationships; unforgiveness destroys them.

How do I forgive?

          1.  Remember how much God has forgiven you.

          2.  Relinquish your right to get even.

          3.  Release your hurt.

          4.  Respond with grace and mercy.

          5.  Repeat as necessary.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Relates with Other-Centered Love/Loving People