LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. Name a few people in your life who have most influenced what you believe about Jesus and tell the group why they were so influential.
2. Why is the fact that John is an eyewitness and personal friend of Jesus important to under- standing his Gospel?
3. Each of the 4 Gospels is different from the others; which one is your favorite? Why?
4. Based only on John 1:1-14, how would you describe John’s worldview?
5. If you only had 1 sentence to describe what you believe about Jesus, what would you say?
6. Make time this week to read the Gospel of John. Write down your observations about what you read and share them with the group next time you meet.
7. John had a very close relationship with Jesus. How close would you describe your relationship with Jesus these days? What could you do to deepen it?

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“The Big Picture”
John 1:1-14

1. John gives us a unique perspective on Jesus.
John’s gospel is very personal.
John 1 is a literary prequel – the story before the story.
2. John teaches us what to believe about Jesus.
Who He is
What He taught
3. John shows us how to follow Jesus.
We follow Jesus in order to learn from Jesus, so
we might believe Jesus
in order to become like Jesus.
4. John shows us how to help others follow Jesus.
Build relationships with people who don’t know Christ.
Bring people to Jesus and to hear more about Jesus.
Help people Belong by loving and accepting them.
Help people Believe by praying & sharing the Gospel.
Become more like Christ through the 3 L’s and the 5B’s.

Jesus became like us so we might become like Him.


Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Intentional Evangelism/Loving People