LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life
1. What’s the biggest scheme you’ve ever fallen for?
2. Of the three descriptors of “what believing Jesus is not”, which one hits closest to home? Why?
3. How do you make sure you’re not just going through the motions of Christianity and not living out the true purposes of believing Jesus?
4. Do you have a tendency to just want to see the signs and wonders (i.e. what you can get) or do you truly want Jesus?
5. Like the nobleman, for what are you crying out to Jesus?
6. How have you experienced the grace of God over time drawing you closer to Jesus?
7. Why is “taking Jesus at his word” so difficult at times?
8. What has Jesus already said to you that you need to take him at his word?

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John 4:43-54

Believing Jesus…
What Believing Jesus Is Not:
Proximity to Jesus (vv43-44)
Approving of Jesus (v45)
Believing about Jesus (vv46-48)
Where Believing Jesus Starts:
As we humbly approach Jesus (v49)
As we take Him at His Word (v50)
As we experience his grace (vv51-54)

Core Christ-like Characteristics: Loving God & Living Surrendered