Sermon Notes

Stronger Love
“Strengthen Your Love”
1 Thessalonians 4:9-12

The goal of Christlikeness isn’t to BE loved. It’s to BECOME love.

What we know about love is determined by our teacher.

Followers of Jesus must learn to love from Jesus.

  • Show
  • Tell

The nature of a “little Christ” is to lose our life and become like Him.

A quiet life is built upon knowing you don’t need love because you’ve been loved so you can become love.

  • Transformed people transform people.

Core CHRIST-like Characteristics: Relates with other-centered love. Spirit-led servant.

LifeGroup Questions

  1. Name a teacher who had an impact on your life and explain why.
  2. What is one takeaway you had from God’s Word today?
    How did He speak to you?
  3. Jesus taught us “love your enemies”, “forgive 70×7” (ALWAYS!), and “turn the other cheek” and then lived what he taught.
    The world teaches bomb our enemies, ‘unfriend’ your brother, and hit back.
    Who would those who know you best say is your teacher?
  4. Read 1 John 4:17.
    Do you truly believe this verse? Quietly reflect on all your relationships (spouse, children, friends, relatives, co-workers etc.) for a few minutes.
    Be honest—Are you loving them like Jesus?
    What needs to change?
  5. How does our ability to grow in loving others produce a ‘quiet life’?
  6. Read Hebrews 10:24.
    Read it a few times.
    If THIS is why we meet together, stir one another up in love before you go.
    Each member, give someone else a practical challenge to love (call your mom, forgive your co-worker, break bread with a neighbor etc.) before you go.