LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. If you were a Star Wars character, who would you be? Why? (For online quiz search “Which Star Wars character are you?”)
2. If someone investigated your life throughout 2015, what would they determine you are living for? What would your closest friends say about your purpose in life?
3. If faith involves your intellect, emotions, and will, which area do you personally struggle with actually believing God?
4. Why does it seem like there is a head-heart dichotomy practically speaking? How do we bridge the gap and become whole?
5. Are there things in my life that I am hiding from my spouse, family, friends, co-workers bosses, etc.? Expose them!
6. Do you hate the darkness? Are you still dabbling with the darkness and hoping that no one will see? How can you come to the light?
7. Are you willing to be exposed by Jesus? Do you see that his gentleness leads to repentance?

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Simple Christmas
“Star Wars Christmas”

John 3:18-21

We are in an epic battle of good versus evil, darkness versus light.
How do you know you’re in spiritual darkness?
Evil works
Love of darkness
Hate light
Light is a Person!
Jesus, as the Light of the world, exposes the darkness that is here.
How do you know you’re in spiritual light?


*Excursus on Believe (pisteuo):  In the NT, belief and faith are the same word.
Involves knowledge
       Involves affections
Involves action
Involves time
       Requires an object/idea

Be exposed
Do truth
Show the works of God

Simple Christmas is the story of the True Light piercing through the darkness!

CORE CHRISTlike Characteristic: Loving God, Living Surrendered