LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. What has stood out the most to you during the Servolution series?
  2. Can you give an example of where you saw someone living a  “serving anyway” lifestyle?
  3. How does recognizing that “serving anyway” is an act of both loving people and obeying God     motivate you when you don’t feel like serving?
  4. Read v. 37. Share a time in your life where “Even after” Jesus has done so much for you “still        would not believe.” What brought you out of that?
  5. Have you ever felt that since you weren’t obeying God, he wasn’t loving you? What happened?
  6. Why is trusting in and believing Jesus so difficult at times?
  7. Think about this statement: “It is because Jesus believes we can trust Him that he calls us to trust     Him.” What thoughts and reactions stir in you as you think about those words?

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“Serve Anyway”

John 12:37-50

1. Not everyone will believe; love and serve them anyway.

         Christlike servants live a “serve anyway” lifestyle.

         Serving people anyway is an act of:

                    a. love for people

                    b. obedience to God

2. Those who refuse to believe may eventually find they can’t believe.

         Refusing to believe God doesn’t remove us from being loved by God.

3. Even when we don’t believe in Jesus, Jesus believes in us.    

         It is because Jesus believes we can trust Him that he calls us to trust Him.

         We prove that we believe in Jesus by trusting and following Jesus.

Core Christ-like Characteristics:  Loving God & Living Surrendered