LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life
1. Tell the group of a time when “what you saw saw you through” i.e. fixing your eyes on your goal enabled you to get through a tough time.
2. Read Hebrews 12:2. We said the first phrase means to “turn your eyes away from other things and fix them on Jesus.” What are other things you have a tendency to focus on instead of Jesus?
3. What do you think was the “joy” Hebrews 12:2 refers to?
4. Is there anything you’re going through these days that you need to fix your eyes on Jesus to help you get through?
5. What does the fact that “The journey God invites us on is based on the journey of Jesus” do for you?
6. What has been the biggest takeaway for you as you have gone through the Journey Guide this past week?
7. What would you like your group to pray for you over the next week?

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20/20 Vision: Improving Our Ability to See and Reach the Lost
“Seeing the Journey”
Hebrews 12:2, Luke 9:51

1.  Seeing the Focus of Jesus
What you see has the power to see you through.
2. Seeing the Journey of Jesus
The journey God invites us on is based on the journey of Jesus.
The journey to celebration is a journey of prayer.
3. Starting our Journey with Prayer
Prayer aligns us with God’s purposes and opens the floodgates of His grace.
Journey Prayer: “Lord, do whatever You want in me so You can do whatever You want through me.”
Vision Prayer: “Lord, who do You want me to reach and how much do You want me to give to the 20/20 Vision?”
Prayer opens our eyes to our role in God’s vision for us.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Trustworthy Steward of God’s Resources/Living Surrendered