LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. What’s the closest person to you that has died? How did you handle it?
  2. Read through John 11:1-44. What strikes you as you read through this passage?
  3. Read v. 3. Why do you think Mary and Martha chose to say “the one you love” instead of using their brothers’ name
  4. Read vv. 6 and 30. Both verses reveal Jesus delaying, waiting. When is the last time it felt likeGod was making you wait? Why is waiting so hard?
  5. What verses in this passage give us a window into how Jesus felt about these 3 siblings?Why do you suppose John the writer included such detail?
  6. Do you think Jesus has ever wept for you? What do you think Jesus feels when he thinks about you?
  7. Do you need a RE-Start? In what area of your life would you like to have a Re-Start? Asking God for a RE-Start is asking God for grace. Ask him today.

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Easter 2017


John 11:1-44

1. When Jesus says, “I Am the Resurrection and the Life”

        He is recognizing that we are surrounded and bound by death.

        He is revealing His power to give new life.

2. When Jesus says, “Do you believe this?”

        He’s offering a new kind of life.

        He’s offering a Re-Start in life.

3. When Jesus says, “Take away the stone

        He’s teaching we must act on what we say we believe.

        He’s testing what we believe.

                The stone represents what keeps us from new life.

                What is the stone you need to remove?

We can’t give ourselves life, but we can remove the stone of unbelief.

When you trust in Christ, God gives you a Re-Start.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer