Life Group Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. What is one childhood vacation or memory that stands out in your mind?
  2. Re- read Mark 10:13-16. Who are you “bringing” to Jesus to be touched?
  3. Who might you be hindering or blocking from coming to Jesus?
  4. What can you do TODAY…RIGHT NOW to remove that block and bring them to Jesus to be blessed?
  5. There were 3 things shared to LIVE OUT being a kingdom child? What is the one area you need to change right now? How can the group support you?

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Mark 10:13-16

Who are you bringing to Jesus?

Who are you blocking?

When we block others from Jesus we block ourselves from Jesus.

How can we LIVE OUT receiving the kingdom like a child?

Humble yourself

Trust your Father’s Word

Share the present of presence

When we welcome others into our lives we welcome Jesus into ours.

Christ like characteristic: Relates with other-centered love/Loving People