LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Read 2 Cor. 8:8. People respond to the idea of being “tested” differently. Some love it and some hate it. Some look for tests and others seek to avoid them at all costs. What is your general response to the ideaof being “tested”?
    Give an example from any part of your life of “obeying out of obligation” and “obeying out of trust.” If you were to counsel someone who is currently obeying God out of obligation to begin to obey God out of trust, how would you counsel them to do that?
    Have you ever felt led to give away money to someone? What were the circumstances? How did you feel afterwards?
    Read Luke 18:18-25. List everything this passage tells us about the man and together create a profile for him. Feel free to look at Mark and Matthew’s version of the same story as well.
    After you have done question 4, read Mark 10:22 and try to put into words what this man might have been thinking as he walked away “sad.”
    After you have completed question 5, consider this question: Do you think he ever came back to follow Jesus? Why or why not?
    Which category of giving best describes where you currently are: giving out of obedience, grace or love? Explain your answer.

Giving Grace

“Passing the Test”

2 Corinthians 8:8-9


Test questions to ask yourself:

Do you give out of obedience?
Obeying out of obligation.
Obeying as an act of trust.
Do you give out of grace?
Being generous because God has been generous to you.
Giving out of gratitude for all God has given to you.
Do you give out of love?
Money proves what we love.
Money is a test.

What if everything you have is a test from God to see if you understand grace and discipleship?