LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

What was the hardest subject for you in school? Were you good at taking tests?

How often would you say you ‘hear from God’? Where do you hear him most clearly?

What is something you have loved that God has asked you to give up? Were you obedient?

RECAP: Based on our God’s word, what does it mean to fear the Lord?

Recall a time in your life where, against all odds, God provided exactly what you needed. (this could be finances, a friend, a new perspective etc.)

Do you struggle with the idea of a God asking us to sacrifice things we love? How has Jesus, and his example, helped you accept this?

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Audio (MP3)

42 Days Without Fear

“The One Fear You Need to Keep Near”

Genesis 22: 1-14

Abraham was faithful and obedient.

The fear of the Lord teaches you:

Your true name

God defines you. Not life

Your true mission

You’re not here for people to love you.

You’re here to love people.

Your true reality

Don’t call it like you see it. Call it like God says it.

Your true needs

We just need Jesus.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Heart of Worship/Loving God and Spirit- Led Servant/Living Surrendered