LifeGroup Questions:
1. Do you have a healthy view of your own mortality? Is death a taboo subject in your family? How can you foster healthy conversation about the brevity of life?
2. As you have heard Jesus on the subject of “Believe”, have you really heard? What are your road blocks to hearing Jesus?
3. Are you experiencing the fulfilled life? How have you fostered that life? How have you failed in experiencing that fulfilled life?
4. How is God resurrecting you? What are the areas that he is breathing new life into you?
5. When did you hear and believe for the first time? If you haven’t, what is keeping you from hearing and believing now?
6. How does the promise of the final resurrection drive you toward believing Jesus now?
7. Spend some time as a group praying for those in your spheres of influence that need to hear and believe Jesus.

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Now and Later
John 5:24-29

Death is Now For Those Who Don’t Believe
Life is Now For Those Who Believe
Jesus Will Speak Now
Jesus Will Speak Later
Life is Later For Those Who Believe
Death is Later For Those Who Don’t Believe
Right now, hear and believe Jesus, the Son of God and righteous judge, because all will be resurrected, some to eternal life and some to eternal condemnation.

Core Christlike Characteristics: Loving God, Living Surrendered