LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. Do you know anybody that has had a neighbor who was famous? What were they like? What do you think it would be like to be the neighbor of a famous person?
2. Who is the person who shared the news of Jesus with you? How did you respond initially? Did it take time to come to belief in Christ? Explain your story.
3. Read vv. 21 & 22. How would you answer the question: “who are you?”
4. Do you think God sees you as more promoting yourself or promoting Jesus? Why? Is there anything you need to do to change this?
5. Reflect on how you answered question 3. Did you answer it in relation to what you do, your family, or Jesus? Why is John’s answer so challenging (v. 23)?
6. Read vv. 22-27. How did John’s activity flow out of his identity? In what ways is this true for all of us: what we do flows out of how we view ourselves.
7. Who will you invite to Bring Sunday? Pray for them as a group.

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Like a Good Neighbor
“Neighborhood Street Team”
John 1:19-42

1. Jesus made the Father known to the World
Jesus explains the Father and opens the door to knowing Him.
2. John made Jesus known to Israel
Jesus is the Lord
Jesus is the Lamb of God
Jesus is Anointed by the Holy Spirit
Jesus is God’s Chosen One (Messiah)
Jesus is the Son of God
3. Andrew made Jesus known to Peter
Andrew brought Peter to a place where he could meet Jesus.
4. We’re to make Jesus known to our Neighbors
Loving your neighbor includes bringing them to Jesus.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Intentional Evangelism/Loving People