LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life
1. What role did your mother have in helping you believe?
2. Have you ever become a spiritual father or mother; i.e. have you ever led someone to Christ?
3. Share your story of how you came to Christ (see if you can do it in 3 minutes).
4. Why is the truth that God doesn’t waste any part of our story (he uses even the worse parts of our story) so important?
5. How does your story specifically display God’s grace in your life?
6. When did your belief in Christ move from believing what you heard about Him to believing in Him, i.e. putting your trust in Him and surrendering your life to Him?
7. Who is the last person you invited to believe in Christ? Is there someone you have been building a relationship with where its time to either invite them to Church or invite them to put their faith in Christ?

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Mother’s Day 2016
“Moms Help Us Believe”
John 4:39-42

Our “spiritual mother” (or father) is the one who led us to Christ or helped us grow when we were infants in Christ.
1. A Spiritual Mother Believes in Christ
2. A Spiritual Mother Brings Others  to Christ
• Telling Our Story
Sharing Our Experience
• Displaying God’s Grace
Inviting Others to Believe
3. A Spiritual Mother Births Faith in Christ
Faith must move from believing what we’ve heard about Christ to believing because we’ve met Christ.
God wants to use you to help others come to and grow in Christ.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Intentional Evangelism/Loving People