Sermon Notes

The Sacred Overlap
“Loving in the Overlap”
1 Thessalonians 2:7b-10

As we live in the tension of the overlap, how do we live out of the love of God?

Paul’s example with the Thessalonian church teaches us that:

  1. Love is essential | serving (Mark 10:45)
    • It is nurturing
    • It is unique
    • It is affectionate longing
    • It selflessly shares
      • The good news of God
      • On the soul level
  2. Love leaves an impression | working (John 5:17)
    • Unforgettable
      • identity
      • effort
      • thoughtfulness
      • message of God’s good news
  3. Love demands a response | glorifying (John 12:28)
    • Witness of man and of God
    • Witness to actions and motives: “holy, righteous, blameless”

The Church (ekklēsia):
“A gathering of disciples ‘called out from’ others for the purpose of making disciples”

We are called out and gather in response to His gracious love and through His unbelievable love we sacrificially walk with and care for and train up other disciples for the glory of God!

Core CHRIST-like Characteristics: Connected to God through the Word and prayer, Heart of Worship, Relates with other-centered love, Spirit-led servant.

LifeGroup Questions

  1. Icebreaker: Share a time in your life when you *almost* got in trouble.
  2. How have you experienced the kind of “nurturing” that Paul is talking about?
    What are the marks of someone who is nurturing well, and how does that play out in discipleship?
  3. According to 1 Thessalonians 2:7b-10, what did the love of God prompt Paul to do?
    How can we emulate that response today?
  4. What keeps us from vulnerably sharing “our very lives” with one another?
  5. What is something that you have selflessly shared recently?
    Can you recall a time when you selflessly shared the Gospel or your very life?
  6. What kind of impression is your love leaving on those around you?
  7. Where are you applying what you’re learning from God? Is what you’re learning demanding a response from you?