LifeGroup questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. What are some common things people seek to find their identity in?
  2. As a group, spend some time coming up with what you think are the most damaging lies people believe about themselves.
  3. Which of these lies do you find yourself sometimes believing?
  4. How does being “set free from” without being “set free to” distort freedom?
  5. Which of the three main Truth Declarations under point 2 most resonates with you? Why?
  6. As a group make a commitment to each other to say these 3 Truth Declarations to yourself each morning this week.

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Freedom: Discovering Your Identity in Christ


John 8:32-47

1. Bondage to sin blinds us to our captivity

        Addicted to sin

        Trapped in false beliefs/lies

        Children of the wrong father

2. Freedom in Christ changes our identity

        I am forgiven.

                I am set free from guilt.

                I am set free to give grace and forgiveness.

        I am a son/daughter of God.

                I am set free from striving.

                I am set free to trust.

        I am loved.

                I am set free from performance.

                I am set free to love.

Seeking our identity in anything or anyone but Christ just leads to new kinds of bondage.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word & Prayer