LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. What love story has captivated you in film or in a book?  How does the love expressed there compare or contrast to the love we have in Christ?
  2. The Hebrew word “khesed” cannot be sufficiently translated or captured in English by one or two equivalent words; we explored five phrases, but still didn’t capture all of the meaning inherent in this wonderful word. But of the five phrases we did look at, which one is most meaningful to you? Why? Spend some time on this question, and if anyone is struggling with understanding one of the five, discuss it together so you each come to a clear understanding.
  3. Has it been relatively easy or hard for you to grasp that God loves you as deeply and thoroughly as He does? Why?
  4. How has God’s “khesed” love wooed you towards relationship to him? How have you been affected by this type of love?
  5. God has lavished His love on us; we love because He first loved us! Choose a person you can focus on loving with God’s love this week.  Have your group help with ideas to express His love to them.
  6. Close in prayer, asking God to reveal more of each of the facets of His “khesed” love to each of us.

All You Need is Love

“Love Changes Everything”

Psalm 117

What we need most is what God does best.

God’s “khesed” love is so deep and multi-faceted that it requires multiple phrases to convey its meaning.

1. Unfailing Love

On the worst day of your life, God loves you with a love that is greater and  stronger than whatever you’re going through.

2. Undeserved Kindness

When we find ourselves broken from our own sin, God treats us with a tender kindness that heals and restores us.

3. Tenacious Loyalty

When we’ve strayed into a comfortable idolatry, God chases us down with a fierce, persistent love and calls us back to Himself.

4. Enduring Faithfulness

Though we and the people around us love inconsistently, the faithful love of the Lord never wavers or ends.

5. Generous Mercy

When we fall into sin, God reaches down to us and offers a forgiveness that is rich in mercy.

The “khesed” love of God changes everything.