LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. In the sermon introduction, we were asked, "If you could say in one word what you want
    more of in life, what would that be?" What was your answer?
    2. When you think of peace, what song, slogan, image or moment in history comes into your
    mind? What emotions or questions come to mind and why?
    3. Review how ‘Shalom’ was defined/explained in point 2. What struck you about this biblical
    idea of ‘shalom’?
    4. Read Numbers 6:24-26, Isaiah 48:22, Jeremiah 33:6. What is the relationship between these
    5. Read Isaiah 59:8. What is the relationship between justice and peace?
    6. How should “Jesus is King” impact how we live our daily lives?

    Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/Loving God

“Longing for Peace”
Isaiah 52:7

1. Longing is a deep yearning in your soul:
for more
for better
for relationship
for ‘Shalom’
2. ‘Shalom’ is completeness and wholeness, a flourishing peace:
with God
with yourself
with the people around you
with creation
3. Advent is the anticipation of the coming of:
Good news (which is…)
Shalom (which comes through…)
Salvation (which comes through…)
Jesus the King (whose reign brings Shalom!)
The good news is that deep, abiding peace, the Shalom of God, comes from an ongoing, saving
relationship with Yeshua, the King who reigns forever!