LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Have you ever thought of the story of your own family?  How does understanding where you’ve come from help you be rooted in where you are and where you are going?
    What are the deep longings of your heart? Do you long for love?  Can you trace your ultimate longings back to God? How do expectations of love affect one’s longing for love?  Why or why not?
    The first coming of Jesus violated many people’s expectations about what the Messiah would be like…How do you need to adjust your expectations to follow who Jesus really is instead of a caricature of who he is?
    Do you long for God or for the benefits that are associated with being one of his followers? How do you increase your love and passion for the God that created you?  (Check out Jeremiah 32:40 NLT and pray that over your life)
    Could you lay out the story of creation until now to someone who wanted to know where they fit into God’s story? (Try it as a LifeGroup, it’s ok not to get everything, but what would you say are the big points of the bible.)
    What competes for your heart? What are the idols your need to smash so that you can love the Lord your God with all your heart?
    Read 1 John 4:7-21.  What does the apostle John say about loving God and loving others here?  How does this apply in your relationships?  Pray for one another on this!

     Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Heart of Worship, Loving God

“Longing for Love”
John 3:16

Does God Really Love Me?

Why Not?  Wrongdoing, Circumstances, Evil, Pain, Misery?

Does God Know What’s Best for Me?

For God So Loved the World- John 3:16

You’re Part of a Big Story, God’s Story

There is Great Brokenness

But there is also Great Restoration!

He Loves Us So- In This Way

Real, Personal, Tangible

He Gave Us Jesus

Cost is Determined by Payment and

God Gave His One and Only Son

He Gave Eternal LifeGod’s StoryPurpose        – Creation

Provision    – Sacrifice

Promise        – Abraham

Parameters   – Law

Permission  – Kings

Progeny         – David

Pledge           – New Covenant

Presence      – Incarnation

Pinnacle        – Cross

Proof              – Resurrection

Power            – Holy Spirit

Peace            – New Heavens

God Loves You. God Became Flesh, Dwelt Among Us, Lived a Perfect Life, Died in Our Place, Rose Victoriously from the Grave, and is Coming Again!