LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

What is the longest road trip you’ve ever taken? Where did you go? How long did it take you?
As a group try to recall some of the famous ‘journeys’ in the Bible. How many can you list?
Which of the first four journeys in our sermon outline do you most relate to? Why?
Brainstorm: Why does God seem to love the idea of asking people (and angels) to “go” rather than stay?
Where has God called you to go this past year? Have you obeyed and what has been the result? *note: this may be “going” to a person (like Gabriel went to Mary) rather than going to a location.
Read Hebrews 12:2 together. How does the joy described here relate to the joy described at Jesus’ birth?  How can one have joy over such a horrible circumstance?

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Heart of Worship/Loving God

“Longing for Joy”
Luke 2:1-20; Matthew 2:1-10

Learning lessons of joy from the Christmas journeys:

The journey of Joseph and Mary.

The journey to joy may be long and hard, but it’s worth it.

The journey of the angels.

Good news becomes great joy when it becomes personal.

The journey of the shepherds.

Good news that brings great joy should be shared with others.

The journey of the Magi.

The journey to Jesus ends in joyful worship.

The journey of you and I.

The joy you’re looking for is found in Jesus.