LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Opening prayer time – begin with a few minutes of silence for each person to listen to God and invite Him into this moment, then open in prayer.
    How do sales adds, pop up add, tv spots, etc create a longing in your for a certain product?  Do you watch commercials with an understanding of how marketing creates that type of longing in your heart?  Have you ever watched an ad and then find yourself desiring that product?
    Read Romans 15:13. What ‘sources’, other than Jesus, have you tried to use to fill your life with hope? Be specific.
    What were the results?
    The passage of Romans speaks of being “completely filled” with joy and peace from our hope in Jesus. Can you describe a time in life when this has been true for you or someone you know?
    How do you find your ultimate hope in Christ and not created things?  Do you long for Christ?  What situations around you do you need to surrender to the Lord in order to find the fullness of your hope in him alone?
    Close your time praying for one another specifically in the areas where you need to “empty the cup” so that God can fill you to overflowing with hope

    CHRIST-like Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word & Prayer, Spirit-led Servant,  Loving God/Living Surrendered

“Longing for Hope”
2 Timothy 4:8, Romans 15:13

Where do you find yourself today when it comes to hope?


We long for what once was
We long for what we had wanted


A word can speak life into our loss
An action can soothe our deepest disappointments


God is the source
He longs for our trust so He can fill us to overflowing
He desires to fill us completely
We must empty ourselves