LifeGroup Questions:  Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Which of the two stories of salvation are you more familiar with?
  2. In your own spiritual journey has your approach been more energy put toward the gospel of sin management or cultivating your union with Christ?
  3. What are your negative and positive experiences of “practicing” in your spiritual journey?
  4. What area of your life right now do you “sense” the Holy Spirit is highlighting to you to grow in by practicing the opposite?

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Live It Out

“Two Critical Things About Spiritual Growth I Wish I Had Learned Much Earlier in My Spiritual Journey”

Colossians 3:1 – 10 

Number One:  Learning To Live Out Of and Access The Union

With Christ I Already Have

Two Stories of Salvation:

The Gospel of Sin Management


Cultivating Our Union With Christ

Three practical ways to access the life of Christ in us

A mental shift that God wants to have this union/relationship with me

A mental shift of less of me and more of Him

Inviting Jesus    throughout the day    into our day

Number Two:  The Priority and Power of Practice

God is opposed to earning, but He’s not opposed to effort

There is a difference between training vs trying

Conclusion: This Week’s “Live It Out” Challenge

In what area of your spiritual growth do you need to “practice” this week and how specifically do you plan on “practicing” that practice?

CORE: CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected To God Through Word and Prayer/Loving God