Life Group Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Do you believe that God is a “speaking God” and that He stills speaks to people today?
  2. Do you believe you are able to “hear God?”
  3. Is there a story or time you can share were you believe God clearly “spoke to you?”
  4. What do you believe God is currently “speaking to you” ? Why do you think this is what he is saying and how (through what means) did God speak this to you?
  5. With the 8 ways Ken shared in the teaching – which ones have you experienced of God speaking to you?

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Live It Out

Learning to “Hear God,” So We Can Live It Out

Abraham:    Genesis 12: 1 – 5

    • Faith is Learning to hear God’s Voice, trust in His Character and then RESPOND!

    • Faith isn’t faith until its Applied!

A Historical Perspective

    • Christianity is a RELATIONSHIP, which implies COMMUNICATION!

8 Ways To Learn and Mature In Our Ability To “Hear God,” So We Can Live It Out.

  1. Through Prayer
  2. Through the Written Word
  3. Through the Illuminated Word
  4. Through Preaching & Teaching Of The Word
  5. Through Conversations & Confirming “Coincidences”
  6. Through Unexpected Internal Impressions
  7. Through Persistent Internal Impressions
  8. Through Holy Spirit Impressions others May Have For You

Conclusion: This Week’s “Live It Out” Challenge

Write down and tell your spouse or a friend, what you believe God is saying/emphasizing to you in your life right now. Why do you believe this and How (through what means) do you think you’ve heard this.

Core Christlike Characteristic: Connected To God Through the Word and Prayer/Loving God