Life Group Questions:  Applying the Teaching to Our Life

What attitudes of the heart need to be grown in order to allow Christ to be Lord in your life?

What are tangible ways that people know you are in a relationship with others?

Are those same ways tangible in your relationship with Christ?  How will you seek to actively demonstrate that you are in relationship with Christ in this upcoming week?

Do you find yourself falling more into a routine or a relationship with Jesus?  What are things that you do to break the routine that can cause us to take relationships for granted and how can you do the same in your relationship with Christ?

Do you have a daily time where you allow God’s word to speak into your heart?  Share with your group your pattern, routine, or your need for one.

What are some concerns that you have for others in your life?  How will you take action in the next week upon what the Lord has spoken into your heart for others?

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Jesus is ________?

“Jesus is Worth Hearing”

John 7:40-52

1. Jesus is Divisive. (v40-44, 47-52)

a. The division is based upon our belief.

b. We need to challenge our thoughts continually.

c. Our world is correctly seen through a biblical view.

i. Grow in Knowledge and Understanding

ii. We cultivate genuine concern for others.

iii. We take action.

2. Jesus is Declarative. (v37-39)

a. He is declarative about His Lordship.   

b. He is declarative about His desire for Relationship.

i. He seeks relationship.

ii. He sustains relationship.

c. He is declarative about our identity.

i. Our condition.

ii. Our purpose.

3. Jesus is Desirous (v40-42, 46)

a. Despite the influence of others.

b. Despite the résumé of your life.

c. Jesus speaks into your heart.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Heart of Worship/Loving God.  We further develop our Heart of Worship when we acknowledge the Lordship of Christ and His desire for relationship with us.