LifeGroup Questions: Apply the Teaching to our Life

  1. Is your spiritual journey built more upon a “grace-based Christianity” or a “law-based one?” What are the distinctions between the two?
  2. Which one of the 4 earmarks of the spiritually blind (listed in the outline above) do you currently deal with (or have dealt with in the past), that you personally struggle with the most? What do you think is the reason/basis of this in your own life?
  3. Other than your salvation, what other time in your spiritual journey – in a time when you were broken or weak – have you experienced a new, fresh and deeper experience of grace?
  4. Who could you reach out to and walk alongside with, who is currently going through a time of brokenness or weakness?
  5. Take a moment to reflect on your own “salvation story,” and then take time to specifically communicate your gratitude to God for His grace that has come to you.

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Jesus Cares

“Jesus Cares For The Blind

John 8:2-11

Earmarks Of The Spiritually Blind

  • We are more aware of other people’s sins, than our own
  • We have a tendency to shame people in their sins
  • We want people to pay the price for their sin
  • We can be angry,  mean-spirited, and even hateful

                       Religious = Externals

                       Real Christian Life = Internals

How Do We  Guard Against Our Own Spiritual Blindness

  • Remember and rehearse our own salvation story
  • Don’t forget about our own propensity to sin
  • Experience and embrace grace in our own brokenness and weakness
  • Reach out and walk alongside others in their times of brokenness and weakness

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic:  Relates with Other-Centered Love/Loving People