LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Prayer is where we pay attention to God. Begin your group with a time of prayer inviting God to speak and lead your discussion. Then, pay attention.
  2. Growing up, did you do well on tests in school or did you struggle?
  3. Jesus went ‘often’ to a garden with his disciples. Where is your favorite place to meet other followers and spend time with Jesus?
  4. As a group, go around the room and explain the biggest test you are facing right now.
  5. The point of prayer is to respond. As you pay attention to God, what does He want to do THROUGH you to show His love to others during these trials?
  6. As a group, close your time praying dangerous prayers and inviting God to use you to do ANYTHING He wants.

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The Big Test
“It’s a no go”
John 18:1-9

Jesus knows the power of prayer

          Prayer is where we pay attention to God

          The point of prayer is response

Jesus knows Judas will betray him

Jesus knows the leaders have rejected him

Jesus knows the soldiers will kill him

Jesus knows the garden

Jesus knows that prayer is dangerous

Jesus knows the Father

          He came to make his love known

          He came so we could be one with him

When we make history with God, God makes HISstory through us.

It’s a know go.

Christ-like Characteristic: Relates with Other-Centered Love/Spirit led Servant