Sermon Notes

I Wonder…
“I Wonder What Happens When I Die”
Acts 7:55-60; Luke 23:46

  1. Death is a doorway to eternity
    • For believers, there’s nothing to fear
      • Stephen died gracefully and peacefully.
      • Jesus died confidently and triumphantly.
    • The Father is waiting for us in Heaven
      • Heaven is the place where God dwells in all His glory
      • He is there to receive our spirit
    • When our body dies, our spirit lives
      • Our spirit separates from our body
      • Our earthly body returns to dust
      • Our spirit is given a new body
  2. Getting ready for eternity
    • We will all die
    • We will all be resurrected to live forever
    • We will all face judgment
      • Judgment of works for believers: rewards in Heaven
      • Judgment of faith for unbelievers: consequences in Hell
      • Why does Hell exist? To deal righteously and justly with Satan.
      • God doesn’t send anyone to Hell; people choose to reject God.
    • We should all prepare for death
      • Acknowledge God as King
      • Confess your rebellion and sin
      • Trust in Christ’s death for you
      • Surrender your life to Christ

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Intentional Evangelism/Loving People

LifeGroup Questions

    1. Icebreaker: How early do you begin packing for a week-long vacation?
    2. What comes to your mind when you think about heaven?
      How does that compare with the way Pastor Jim described Heaven on Sunday?
    3. What are you most looking forward to in eternity?
      Why are you looking forward to that specifically?
    4. Read Acts 7:55-60 again.
      What strikes you about Stephen’s death? Why does that strike you?
    5. Do you find yourself feeling confident or fearful when you consider the end of your life?
      What impacts the level of confidence that you feel concerning the end of your life?
    6. Should we look forward to death?
      Why or why not?
      (Check out Philippians 1:21-26 for Paul’s perspective!)
    7. Consider those in your life that do not profess faith in Christ.
      What is your next step in your relationships with these people?
      Do you need to Build that relationship through intentional love, service, and prayer?
      Do you need to Bring that person to church, or a LifeGroup function?
      Is the Holy Spirit leading you to share the difference that Jesus has made in your life?

End your time by praying for those in your life who have yet to know Jesus, and especially that the Holy Spirit would give you opportunities to share the faith you have in Christ with your friends and neighbors.