Life Group Questions: Applying the Teach to Our Life

  1. How has your relationship with your earthly father either enhanced or hindered your relationship with your heavenly Father?
  2. Do you have a growing, personal, interactive, relationship with the Father?
  3. Do you approach each day with the attitude that I’m a son/daughter with a good Father?

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When Jesus Says I Am

“I Am the Son of God”

John 10: 22 – 39

Why The Reaction?

1.       His relationship With God, as Father

2.       His claim  To Be God

3.       His claim  To Be the  Son  of God

What Does Jesus’ Statement Mean?

It’s the Incarnation  AND The Atonement

Why Did Jesus – Being God – Come In The Flesh?

1.       To Reveal the  Father

2.       To Identify with  us

3.       To Provide us a relationship with our  Father

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connect with God through the Word and Prayer/Loving God.