LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. Which extreme do you tend to lean to:

          a. spiritual growth is automatic if we just go to church, pray and read our Bible

          b. spiritual growth is mysterious and its all up to God who gets the Christlike gene

          c. spiritual growth is all up to us and we need to stay on top of “the spiritual growth to do list”

2. Think of someone who you look up to as especially godly. How do you think they got that way?

3. Have you ever “wasted” pain, that is, have you ever gone through a painful experience or season but either got hardened or focused more on getting through it as soon as possible instead of using it as a growth opportunity? Describe.

4. Review points 3-7 above. Which one has yielded the most spiritual growth in your life? Explain.

5. As a group, brainstorm ideas about how you could learn to use the stressful times of life as a catalyst for growth.

6. Share with your group a time in your life when spiritual growth stalled or even just died. Describe what happened and how you pulled out of it.

7. Last week, in the LifeGroup Questions, you were encouraged to:

          a. Practice “breathing in” the Spirit this week, paying attention to His presence in your life.

          b. Try starting each day this week by saying: “Holy Spirit, lead me today. I surrender to your loving              leadership in my life.” Report to your group next week how it went.

So, here we are. It’s “next week.” How did it go?

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“How the Holy Spirit helps me grow”

John 14:16, 26

Spiritual growth isn’t automatic; we need help. Growth happens in our life through the combination of:

    1. Spirit of God

           The Spirit of God is the breath of God breathing new life into us.

    2. Spiritual Breathing

           Spiritual breathing is the process of receiving the presence and power of the Holy Spirit into our life                 and responding in prayer.

    3. Stress

  •   Trials like irritations, temptations, frustrations, disappointments
  •   Crisis like physical and emotional suffering, big decisions, fear

    4. Scritpure

           Meditate, memorize, hear preaching of, discuss, apply the Word of God.

    5. Significant People

  •   Those that love us and those that irritate us
  •   Family, friends, neighbors, work, LifeGroup

    6. Spiritual Disciplines

           Praying, serving, tithing, giving, fasting, solitude, etc.

    7. Surrendered Trust

           Actively trusting God as you deliberately surrender to Him.

When we recognize growth opportunities and practice spiritual breathing, the Holy Spirit will use these to help us grow to be more and more like Jesus.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Spirit-led Servant/Living Surrendered