LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. John shared a pretty embarrassing story from High School. Now- it’s your turn. What was one of the most embarrassing things that happened to you at school?
2. Do you remember your parents telling you anything about the day you were born? If so, tell us.
3. The Holy Spirit breathed your life into you…intentionally…for a purpose. What has God revealed to you about that purpose? Why are you here?
4. Let’s practice some spiritual ‘breathing’. Read Romans 8:5-6. What is controlling your mind? Don’t answer too quickly. Breathe. “God, what is controlling my mind? Your Spirit of life? Something else?” Spend some time sharing your answers. Finish by Breathing in a prayer for the Spirit to control your mind.
5. When you think of being “alive’ what comes to mind? What makes you come alive? How has the Spirit shown himself in this?
6. Read John 14:8-14. Jesus made some bold statements here about us, his followers. Specifically, we will do greater things than Jesus and whatever we ask in his name he will do. Do you believe him? If no, why not? If yes, how have you seen this in your life?
7. Finish by praying specifically for us, as a church, to BELIEVE in everything Jesus promised us in the Scripture and BECOME everything he intended us to be as followers.

Feel free to download the resources for this sermon:
Audio (MP3)

Spending time With Jesus:
“Good to Go”
John 14:15-18 & John 16:5-10

Spending time with Jesus means spending time with the Holy Spirit.
The only way to LEARN it is to BELIEVE it.

Holy Spirit is:
Breath of God giving life
Presence of God giving power

Holy Spirit helps us:
Become like Jesus

To become like Jesus we must BELIEVE what he says and DO what he did.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Spirit-Led Servant/Living Surrendered