Sermon Notes

Practical Providence: Trusting God in Daily Life
“God’s Meanwhile”
Ruth 4:1-22

God is working in our lives and in our world to accomplish His purposes for our good and His glory.

God is working in the “meanwhile” to provide just what we need just when we need it.

  1. God provides a redeemer
    • Redemption is buying back something to save it from being lost.
    • Boaz redeemed Naomi from being lost in poverty.
    • Jesus redeems us from being lost in sin.
  2. God provides a son
    • God gave Obed to Ruth.
    • A son represented hope, life, future.
    • God gave Jesus to us.
  3. God provides a king
    • God gave Israel King David.
    • A king gives leadership, security and purpose.
    • God gave us Jesus, the King of Kings.
  4. God provides everything we need in Jesus
    • He provides redemption for our past.
    • He provides hope for our future.
    • He provides purpose for our present.

God can be trusted to provide what we need when we need it.

LifeGroup Discussion/Study Questions

  1. Icebreaker: See if you can quote the definition of God’s providence!
    (Answer key at the bottom of the questions.)
  2. Think back over our study of Ruth.
    What are your highlights and takeaways?
  3. God has provided everything that we need in Christ.
    Share a time in your life when this proved true for you. Be specific!
  4. What is your “meanwhile,” the mundane stuff of your life that doesn’t always seem to be a part of God’s plan?
  5. How can learning about God’s providence change the way you approach your meanwhile?
  6. How might Ruth’s story have ended differently if Boaz had tried to “cut corners”?
    How does refusing to cut moral corners communicate a deep trust in God?
  7. Read Romans 8:31-32. According to these verses, why can we trust that God will provide for us?

As you close, think of at least one specific situation in your life in which you need to trust in God. Write out a description of your need, ending the statement with “But, I believe that…”. Then, finish the statement by writing, “God is trustworthy to provide all I need just when I need it. He’s never failed me, and He won’t fail me now!” Take turns reading these declarations of trust, and pray for one another that God would provide, sustain, and carry you this week and all of your lives. (Example: I have a medical condition without a cure, and the prognosis is not good. But, I believe that God is trustworthy to provide all I need just when I need it. He’s never failed me, and He won’t fail me now!)

Big Idea: Our responsibility in the meanwhile is to trust God to provide what we need.