LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. What are some of your daily habits/routines that you never seem to miss?
  2. How do daily needs remind you of your daily need for Jesus?
  3. If Jews demand signs and Greeks wisdom, what do you demand to see from Jesus before you will believe?
  4. Isn’t it interesting that the disciples saw Jesus’s sign of multiplying the bread, but missed the point entirely…Do you misinterpret signs from God today?
  5. What do you daily search for that will ultimately spoil?  Why does it seem like it will fulfill you?
  6. Has Jesus alone sustained you through hard times in the past?  Remember and share how he held you in the past.
  7. What could you add to your daily routine to point yourself to the True Bread?

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“Give Us This Day, Our Daily Bread”

John 6:22-40

We Were Made To Eat Daily.

Our Daily Hunger Can Drive Us

You Must Daily Eat Bread– Bread That Spoils or Bread That Sustains

True Bread Is From Heaven

True Bread Is Jesus

True Bread Satisfies

True Bread Brings Life

Jesus, The True Bread, Fulfills Us Daily.

Core Christlike Characteristic: Connected to God Through the Word and Prayer and Heart of Worship/Loving God