Life Group questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Have you ever received an inheritance or an expensive gift? Tell us about it.
  2. How has the lie of not having enough (time, money, talent etc.) held you back (in the past or present) from walking in freedom?
  3. Reflect back on a parent or leader who was instrumental in helping you become like Jesus. What was their spiritual gift and how did God use it to reveal your true identity?
  4. What are some of the spiritual gifts God has given you? How did you discover them?
  5. How has using your gifts help shape your identity in Jesus?
  6. Are you currently serving at Open Door or elsewhere? If not, where is God leading you to plug in?

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Freedom: Discovering Your Identity in Christ

“Gifted”- It’s pretty ‘iffy’

John 8:32-47

Freedom comes from releasing lies and holding truth

LIE- I’ll never have enough .

TRUTH- I am an heir

           I am set free from fear.

           I am set free to follow.

LIE- I’ll never be good enough.

TRUTH- I am gifted.

            I am set free from conforming.

            I am set free to transform.

LIE- I’m not needed.

TRUTH- I am called

            I am set free from giving in.

            I am set free to give out (SERVE).

Core CHRISTlike Characterictic: Spirit-led servant/Living Surrendered. Relates with other-centered love/Loving God