LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Have you ever had a (funny or not) “fail” in sports or work or school that was unfortunately seen by others?
  2. Read Acts 13:13 (and remember Acts 12:12 helps us see John is John Mark). What are some reasons you think may have contributed to Mark’s leaving Paul and Barnabas and going back home to Jerusalem?
  3. Read Acts 15:35-41. How do you think the people in the church at Antioch felt as they witnessed the argument over Mark between Paul and Barnabas?
  4. We described how Mark “fell” in his race: he deserted Paul, he failed Barnabas, he was rejected by Paul and then was blamed by some for Paul and Barnabas’ breakup. All of us have fallen and there are thousands of ways to “fall.” Are you willing to share any of your “falls” with your group? If so, do so knowing God’s grace is purposely designed for those of us who fall. So as you share, include in your story how you “got back up and stood” in the grace of God.
  5. Read Acts 15:38, 2 Timothy 4:10, 16. Most of the sermon was geared towards Mark’s failure and getting back up, but Paul also experienced pain, the pain of being deserted by Mark and Demas. Most of us have faced being deserted or betrayed by a friend. Share a time when you first experienced being “deserted” as Paul described. How did you work through it?
  6. Perhaps you’ve fallen and are having a hard time getting back up. Is there something the people in your LifeGroup could help you with?

Finishing Strong
“Get Back Up”
2 Timothy 4:7-12

The Christian life is a race that we must finish.

  1. Starting well in the race

Family and friends

Ministry experiences

Solid teaching

Growing in grace

If it’s not the grace race then it’s the wrong race.

  1. Falling down in the race





  1. Finishing strong in the race

Get back up

Stand up in the grace of God

Breathe in the grace of God

Get back in the race

You can’t run the race without learning to breathe God’s grace.