LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Do you have personal experience walking into the end of a conversation and being lost?
  2. What is your instinctive response to hardship and challenges?
  3. Where have you planted your Roots?  Where do you find yourself being fed?
  4. How has hardship and stress added to your testimony?  Can you think of specifics?
  5. How have you found it best to come into someone else’s trial and support them?

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…from Unshakable Roots
John 16:31-33

1. The end of a conversation with Jesus

        a. Jesus is in a trial

        b. Jesus is alone and betrayed

        c. Jesus relies on God the Father

2. The Father is the Gardener

        a. Intimate relationship

        b.Listens to us in prayer

        c. Firm roots in His Word

3. When we are shaken

        a. We have an opportunity to bear fruit

        b. Unhealthy roots can’t bear fruit

        c. Healthy roots can bear much fruit!

                1. Our strength is seen by others

                2. Our compassion is felt by others

                3. Our testimony is grown

                4. Our trials reveal our trust

Hope and Trust from Unshakable Roots

CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through word and Prayer/Loving God