LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. In this first week of 2019, look back over 2018. Would you say you are closer to God at this point then you were at the beginning of 2018? How have you grown?
  2. Review the 4 stages of following Jesus from the sermon. Think back to when you first started following Jesus. Do you see some version of these 4 stages in your own story?
  3. What are the dangers of only living in the first two stages of following Jesus?
  4. In the sermon, Pastor Jim said that “following starts with listening.” While the rest of the Bible has a ton to say about listening, let’s just stay in the Gospel of Luke. Read Luke 5:1, 6:27, 7:1, 8:18, 9:35, 9:44, 10:39 and talk about what you learn about listening from these passages.
  5. Recognizing that the 4 stages talked about in the sermon are both the way we start following and how we keep following, what stage would you say you are currently in? How is God working in that stage to move you to the next stage?
  6. What action steps will you take to develop your relationship with Jesus in 2019?

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DISCIPLE: The Call to Discipleship


Matthew 4:18-22

Discipleship starts with being a disciple.

Being a disciple starts with following.

How do we follow Jesus?

1. Watching and Listening

  • Following starts with listening

2. Pondering and Learning

  • Following is fed by learning

3. Obeying and Doing

  • Following requires doing what Jesus says

4. Trusting and Surrendering

  • Faith is built through listening, learning and doing
  • Following is living surrendered

Jesus is calling you to follow Him. Will you?

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer and Living Surrendered