LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to our Life

1. We talked about how people have watered down Jesus’ radical call to follow him by reducing becoming a Christian to“just saying a prayer.”What are other ways we have watered down what it means to be a Christian?
2. Are there counterfeit Jesus’s that you tend to follow instead of the real Jesus? Prosperity Jesus? American Jesus? Domesticated Jesus? Nice Jesus? How can you be sure that you follow the Jesus of the Bible?
3. Look up the following scriptures and then summarize what they teach about following Jesus: Luke 5:11, 27-28, Luke 14:27, Luke 18:22-23.
4. What are the roadblocks that are keeping you from being a true disciple of Jesus? Do you have trouble with the follow, learn, or become part?
5. What is the significance that Jesus was fully God AND fully man?  What are the pitfalls of affirming one but not the other?
6. Spend some time praying for the lost that are in your sphere of influence. Jesus came to seek them too! (Luke 19:10) Who do you need to tell about Jesus?
7. Do you genuinely want to learn more so you can become more like Jesus? Come to the Living Surrendered 101 Seminar.

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“Follow Me”
John 1:43-51

1. Following Jesus starts with being found by Him.
We can only “find” Jesus because he has first “found” us.
2. Following Jesus means becoming a disciple of Jesus.
We follow Jesus to learn from Jesus in order to become more like Jesus.
3. Following Jesus includes telling others about Him.
The best way to answer criticisms or excuses is to say ‘come and see.’
4. Following Jesus brings clarity about who He is.
Following Jesus is unlike following anyone else; because He is Savior and Lord, He alone deserves our worship and full commitment.

Core CHRISTLIKE Characteristic: Intentional Evangelism/ Loving People