LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Tell your group about a time when it felt to you like God wasn’t working in your life. What happened?
  2. Why does Jesus add the word “true” to his statement in John 15:1? Who is Jesus comparing himself to? (Read Psalm 80 and Isaiah 5:1-7.) Why does he compare himself to the other vine?
  3. Review the three subpoints under “The Father is the Gardener.” How does it make you feel knowing those things are true about the Father?
  4. What kind of branch are you right now; a branch with no fruit, some fruit, more fruit, or much fruit?
  5. What kind of pruning has God been doing in your life?
  6. If you were the Gardener, what area in your life might you say needs to be pruned?

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Organic: Cultivating Spiritual Growth


John 15:1-3

1. God has a vision for your life: Spiritual Growth.

        Jesus is the Vine.

                You will grow as you stay connected to the Vine.

                The Spirit flows through the Vine.

        We are the branches.

                We are made to bear fruit.

                Fruit is Christlikeness. (Fruit of the Spirit)

                Fruit is making disciples.

        The Father is the Gardener.

                He’s motivated to produce much fruit.

                He knows just what to do to produce fruit.

                He’s actively working to help us bear fruit.

2. God wants you to flourish: to bear much fruit.

        Four kinds of branches:

                No fruit         More fruit

                Some fruit   Much fruit

3. God is working in your life to help you flourish.

        If you are bearing fruit God will prune you.

                Removing things that hinder growth.

        If you are not bearing fruit God will lift you up.

                Caring for you to help you grow.

God is Committed to do whatever it takes to produce the fruit of spiritual growth in your life.

How will you respond to God’s work in your life?

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer