LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Your Life
1. What thing were you afraid to fail at as a child?
2. What are you afraid to fail at now that you’re older?
3. Why do you think we have such a hard time believing God can work all things together for good?
4. What is the difference between wishful thinking and hope?
5. What does it mean to be called a child of God?
6. What are the benefits of being a child of God?

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42 Days Without Fear
“Fear of Failure”
Numbers 13:25-32

Three Truths
1. Life is filled with uncertainty.
— Focus on the obstacles: the result is fear.
2. Nothing can happen that God can’t use.
3. Because God is God, there’s no reason to be afraid of tomorrow.
— Focus on God, the result is hope.
You are no longer a slave to fear.
You are a child of God.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Living Surrendered