LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Your Life
1. What was your father’s favorite meal when you were growing up?
2. Jesus takes time in this story to meet the needs of hungry people. Who models this like Jesus in your life? Where can we improve and how can you get involved?
3. Read the question Jesus asks in John 6:5. What question has Jesus been asking you that seems impossible?
4. This small boy gave the little he had to Jesus to feed the people. What are some ways you have been training your children to SEE people and HELP them with what they have?
5. Jesus uses a little boy to model surrendering our resources. Why is this critical to our walk with God?
6. Jesus models for his disciples what faith looks like. How are you modeling radical faith to your family? Where can you improve?
7. What is something you have been holding back from God because it seems so small in comparison to the problem or issue? Write down your answers and pray for one another before you go that you will trust God with what you have.

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“Father Lessons”
John 6:1-15

Two levels:
Level 1: Jesus ministers to people.
Level 2: Jesus trains the disciples.
Two lessons:
Lesson 1: Train your kids to care about people.
Caring for people starts with seeing them and their needs.
Caring for people means helping them not avoiding them.
Lesson 2: Train your kids to trust God.
Test your kids: Invite them into the problem.
Teach your kids: coach them through the process.
Show your kids: Model for them how to do it.
Turn to God when facing challenges.
Trust God with what you have.
Thank God for what he will do.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Trustworthy Steward of God’s Resources/Living Surrendered